Trivia Pursuit

“It’s that infuriating family trivia game that your annoying know-it-all uncle always wins.”

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Think Shack got me thinking.


So I wrote up some things and got a reply from a guy known as Steve Martin who has a blog called “The Think Shack” ( .  And as I read I start thinking that this here person does make sense so I say, this needs to be thought out, being it that the words pertain to a think shack dweller and all.  So I go into a pause before going forward and after walking around the ideas decide they make sense and that an effort should be made.   Can’t offer guarantees of success or even consistency but an effort will be made.   What am I talking about?  Well, that’s a valid question as ever there was one, and to be honest I still don’t know but I’m gonna do some finding out of my own on it.


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Sunday Morning

Wake up. Assess life situation. Go back to sleep. Wake up.  Reassess.  Nothing much has changed in life except that you just spent two hours of Sunday morning somewhere else inside your head.  This is the life I choose Sunday after Sunday.

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Gum Inside My Shoe


So yesterday I went to this reputable karaoke. Got reputably drunk and have flash back type of images of having sex with one of the girls I met.   Remember people opening up the door to the “private” lounge, laughing or ooooing and closing it back as we went away at it.   I remember all the condom wearing and not going down on strangers part. Remember pulling her hair back with one hand and holding her hard against me with the other. Black, black hair on very white skin. But I don’t remember how I got all this chewing gum on my sock and inside my shoe.

Should’ve taken a picture.

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Souped up Virility

The virility is in the soup.

It’s a soup, or actually a broth, and the “cardan” is the bull’s penis.

People enjoy eating it and attribute enhanced virility or post night-out recuperation properties to it.   There are no randomized controlled studies to back up these claims although Doctor Alex Azeñas Vega, now in Spain, has done extensive research in both areas.  The man with the belly full is not Dr. Azeñas, he’s just a patron on his way to do his own unrandomized studies into the matter.

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The fructiliciousness of my life getting shorter all the time.

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Hello world!

Are you there God?  It’s me, Jerico…

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